This Month's General Meeting:

Meeting Date: Tuesday, November 21, 2023 at 6:30PM

Appleís new M3 Macís, Pinokio, FaceFusion, louie and Blackmagic Camera App

NJMUGís November meeting will held at the Clifton Allwood Library on Tuesday November 21st at 6:30PM in our old room. Face masks are optional, however we still recommend maintaining a safe distance from other participants.

Apple released a handful of new Macís on Halloween with the all new M3 chip. Bruce Mittelman will play a short video showing the highlights of these new Macs.

In our monthly AI section of the meeting, Bruce Mittelman continues his exploration of some fascinating apps. Pinokio is a free browser that lets you install, run, and programmatically control ANY application, automatically. Pinokio may be more of a platform than a browser as once itís installed you have access to a huge variety of modules such as, Stable Diffusion, Whisper (speech to text), text generation, FaceFusion. Bruce will demonstrate what can be done with FaceFusion a next generation face swapper and enhancer. He will also highlight a few of the more then 60 modules available.

Louis Perez will show web sites featuring Holiday Tech Gift Suggestions.

Lastly, Mark Astmann will compared the built in iOS camera app with the free Blackmagic Camera app and discuss why you might want to give this new video app a try.

Future Meeting Dates:

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