This Month's General Meeting:

Meeting Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2022 at 6:30PM

Retrobatch, AnyTrans, Better Finder Rename, Toon App, Voilà AI Artist, Starry AI, Cray, Wonder, Dream and Anodia

The August meeting will be jam packed with product demonstrations and we will of course still have the our questions and answers section of the meeting.

Do you find yourself having to perform repetitive tasks on image files, such as removing meta data, scaling or adding specific effects? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could set up an automated workflow that does what you need, when you need it with whatever images you want? Well you can with Flyingmeat’s Retrobatch Mac application.

Mark Astmann will demonstrate how this little piece of software can be an indispensable application for those who constantly work with image files. Mark will also demonstrate iMobie’s AnyTrans, which puts you in control of all the data on your iPhone.

In my youth I was addicted to the game Breakout, where you try to remove tiles or bricks by keeping a ball bouncing up by moving a small paddle at the bottom of the screen. I played for hours and hours, competing against my brother as we tried to best each other. I haven’t played Breakout in years so was unaware of how the game has changed. Scott Alenick will demonstrate an iOS game named Anodia which takes Breakout to a whole new level.

Finally, Bruce Mittelman will demonstrate a number of iOS photo apps that use AI to create all types of images automatically. Things that use to take us hours in Photoshop to achieve can now be done our our phones with the touch of a button. Bruce will show Toon App, Voilà AI Artist, Starry AI, Craiyon and will compare Wonder to Dream.

Bruce will also demonstrate a must have Mac utility called Better Finder Rename.

As a reminder, we start off each meeting with a general Q&A where some of our best minds help solve problems you’re having with your Apple gear. We hope to see you at the next meeting.

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  • June 21, 2022: Apple’s WWDC 2022, Free Movie Streaming Platforms, Flipboard, Camo and a Homemade iPhone App

  • July 19, 2022: No meeting in July as too many people were on vacation.
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